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Serious Talk

Remember all those times Killian reassured Emma again and again that she was powerful? That she was important and she meant something to so many people, including him?  Well now look at this. Emma is reassuring him that he, too, need not worry so much. That he matters. That she cares about him and isn’t going anywhere.

First he is worried that his run in with Will may have scared her and ruined the evening. She emotionally and physically reassures him that it’s okay.

Then he gets the courage to ask Emma on a second date, but you see it all over his face that he’s worried about her answer.  He puts himself in a vulnerable position here because he knows how he just behaved, maybe she will say no. But she assures him once again that she would love nothing more than to go out with him again, by moving in for a very passionate kiss.

And finally we are brought to the sheriff station, where Emma is clearly upset that Will interrupted her date, but turns to Killian and reminds him how wonderful of a time she had, despite the interruption. 

Bottom line, Emma is in this. And she will reassure Killian that he is worthy of her and that she enjoys his company as much as she needs too. We saw it with Killian all last season and now we are seeing it with Emma and it’s really just such beautiful development. I cry. 

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He freaking did it. Captain Hook just did what no one, not even her parents and Henry, have been able to make her do for the past couple of seasons. All of this talk about “What I wanted, what I thought I could have, just wasn’t in the cards for the savior” and “The Savior doesn’t have the luxury of moments” and all of this stuff she’s been saying about looking for the next fight and how there is always something….he finally made her forget about it all for an evening. He showed her that she can HAVE what she wants. And not only that, when she closed that door and leaned against it after their kiss, she realized she wanted those moments WITH him. - the-lady-swan (x)